Time spent doing things for the people one cares about one’s life is the greatest expression of love. Now, more than ever, security and comfort is found at home, it is and has always been peoples’ safe haven. With all these changes happening around, it can be difficult adjusting to a new set of rules in the “new normal” - as this gives rise to increased levels of anxiety to those that may feel isolated in being stuck at home. It has also become a challenge to set designated areas, and clearly differentiate spaces at home in order to transition from family time, to work time, to rest, and even to claiming personal space. There is no better moment than now to make that conscious effort in taking control of one’s time. Hoping to ease the adjustment into this modified routine that everyone finds themselves in, and assist in this transition period, Tiger Philippines and Leah’s Pantry share with you their special collaboration.

Guided by their core values which center on quality, family, and the home, they wish to give you the opportunity to make better choices. Their partnership highlights their shared goals of providing both individuals and families, tools in the kitchen that will hopefully assist in making daily lives easier, in order to have more time to spend and focus on what truly matters.

What they intend for everybody to embrace is a method of everyday cooking, requiring merely minimal effort yet creating a big impact, making the most out of one’s time in the kitchen. They want to afford everyone a chance to explore and get creative in conceiving recipes without hesitation or complication. They want to offer the opportunity to convert one’s mundane and conventional into something special.

Hoping that time spent at home did not lead to self-isolation but to self-discovery, that it gave occasion to internalize and appreciate what one has right in front of them, being grateful for not just the seen, but the unseen as well; that which makes everyone truly fortunate - individual health, families health, and the safety and welfare of one’s community at large. Life is of the utmost priority. As health has been highlighted these last few weeks, Tiger Philippines and Leah’s Pantry hope to assist in making your lives easier in creating uncomplicated meals, without sacrificing taste nor health. More importantly, they believe that love, service, and time are languages that can be expressed through food. As they hope to grant you these values, to be able to afford you the opportunity to be able to choose better and to live better.