Our Story

If you have ever prepared a meal for anyone, you would realize how much joy there is in creating a meal for others. To see the look of obvious satisfaction on their faces are the most heartwarming and rewarding aspects of cooking. Cooking is not just about accomplishing a goal of perfecting a recipe, which in itself is quite fulfilling for the one cooking, but creating meals and satisfying not just the hunger of one’s loved ones, but making good meals that taste great for anyone “feeds” joy to both the cook and the one eating. Time spent with each other, the thought put into adjusting the recipe and creating the meal - is an effort that rewards all who feasts around the table 10x over. It is an act of love, a service done that satisfies both the stomach and the soul.

Like most great ideas, ours started small, just giving out our homemade products to friends and family. Three friends with a passion for food, got to telling stories over the dining room table, and as most great friends would do - they believed in our ability to spread happiness to more people through food, and thus pushed us to pursue this business idea.

We wanted to develop our business naturally and not push too far too quickly, to expand and cultivate the business organically. We eventually opened our doors to our friends and family, in hopes of getting honest feedback directly, in order to improve on our brand experience and our overall product offering. To our surprise, we were delighted when we saw the expression of pleasure and satisfaction on people’s faces. The experience of feeding a big group in our home filled our spirits, and inspired us to share the love with the rest of you. Like the little seed grown on fertile ground, this seed sprouted, as we partnered and collaborated with cafes and restaurants to carry our products.


Who We Are And What We Do

We, at Leah’s Pantry, promise to deliver farm-fresh, all locally sourced, using nothing but high-quality ingredients that make do without additives; while making certain that the full-bodied flavor is ever present in all our products.

Our Vision is to give you freedom in your kitchen, by providing you with a variety of products that are specially made to make cooking at home as simple and as approachable as possible - for novices and experienced cooks alike, allowing you to exert merely minimal effort yet create a big impact. Part of this vision is that our products are able to encourage confidence in your own kitchens, which can further inspire creativity in cooking.

Our mission is to keep creating and innovating our expertise and techniques, in order to offer you products that would take the guesswork out of (fast) slow-cooked, homemade meals. Making cooking as simple and as quick as possible, with the promise of both time-saving and easy to prepare meals, without having to compromise on using quality ingredients.

We are a proudly Filipino brand, and we believe that our local farmers are crucial to the success of our business.c We believe in taking pride in one’s own agricultural commodities and goods.


Our Inspiration Is What Drives Us

More than wanting to be the staple in one’s pantry, we desire to build a community that encourages trust and acknowledges interdependence. We are driven to give consumers options to choose well, and to choose better. By evoking the familiar and irreplaceable tastes of home, we are hoping to promote a return to slow cooking, where enjoying a home cooked meal is preferred.

We are inspired by everyday Filipinos and we want to establish confidence in our own Filipino-made products, especially with our brand.


Our Values Set Us Apart

We have deep passion for uncompromising quality, while keeping our promise of using the least amount of effort in creating healthy and hearty meals for our consumers. We know that time is valuable, and the more quality time we all have to spend on things and people that really matter, the better it is for all of us.

Above all, we believe exceedingly that love and service is a language that can be expressed through food.